Kurt was the Chaperone for our star guest M.I.A. during her stay in Cape Town during the Encounters SA International Documentary Film Festival.  M.I.A. was here with the documentary about her life and to perform in SA. Kurt was at all times professional, on point, on time, courteous and won over the performer and her group of guests.  He took them to rehearsals, sound checks, the cinemas, tours, dinner and went beyond the call of duty in attending to their needs.  He would check venues beforehand to understand where he could park, drop etc.  We have no hesitation in warmly recommending him to any prospective clients


Sharon Jackson

Festival Manager 

Encounters SA International Documentary Film Festival 

072 606 8136

021 418 3310 

For those of us who work hard, working fifteen thousand miles away from home is harder.  When we find ourselves multiple time zones from the familiar, local reliability becomes paramount.  Having the opportunity to partner with Kurt on a production means one can concentrate on the big challenges knowing someone cares about their safety and well-being –(often more than they do)  That is a big deal in the world of big deals – and is the most tremendous of assets when one wants to do the very best job possible – which clearly happens to be Kurt’s consistent goal, too.


Margo Weathers – Director – Supply & Demand

Los Angeles
6374 Arizona Circle
Los Angeles, CA 90045


New York
304 Spring Street
New York, NY 10013

If you are in the film industry, travel with photo shoots, or are simply a civilian and Cape Town is in your future you must contact Kurt!  All of your transport needs will be met above and beyond.  I personally experienced his professionalism and kindness while travelling with a commercial television production.  I have been in this business for over 30 years and my experience in Cape Town was on a par with some of the best I have had.  Kurt was with us every step of the way from airport to hotel to locations, but it didn’t end there…he went out of his way to even haul us around on what could have been a down day for him just so that we were safe and had a great experience.  He is fun, kind, knowledgeable, generous with great recommendations, happy to play tour guide whilst passing things he has seen a million times, precise, attentive, professional, dependable, punctual, and just an all around great guy!  You will not regret hiring his services (although you might regret if you don’t)!!

–Sharon McNeil

Los Angeles, CA


Thanks for the note, good luck with everything and hope to work together again soon.




As an owner of the film company is it imperative we have the strongest teams in place, 

Kurt has never been late to a pick-up, unless where the circumstances have extreme which is of course then excusable. 

I remember Kurt showing up on time in the middle of a storm when every other crew member were stuck. 

Kurts understanding of alternate routes and his complete dedication to doing his job properly drive him to become a reliable chaperone. 

Kurt is and will always be welcomed back when we have need for an excellent chaperone.


David Leite: owner With Milk Films 

Office:             +27 21 461 1011

I travel to Cape Town at least once a year for US Commercial work and always request Kurt Jacobs for handler/driver/chaperone. Advertising is challenging these days. Agencies demand a great experience as well as a great product, and Clients want as much as they can get for their money. The challenges are great and the days can be long, especially in a foreign country. 


Kurt is a thoughtful, kind, efficient, prompt, and trustworthy colleague on these trips. We see him every day as we drive to our meetings and locations, and he greets us with a smile and an expertly curated coffee drink. If you casually mention you like coconut water it magically appears in the basket. He has lived in SA his whole life and knows all the restaurants, hotels, and customs and offers valuable insight and advice. 


He even quietly endures our long conversations about the day and the state of the industry on the way home, nodding supportively and keeping our confidences. He is a good man I would recommend him highly. 


Ron Mohrhoff – Senior Producer

Ron Mohrhoff Associates LLC

310.702.2772 cell




Just wanted to say thanks for the job. You were great on this one and have really grown. Pleasure to work with you and here is to many more. 

Michelle Godson Producer


Put very simply he started as my chaperone and ended my friend. Relentless effort getting to me to work each day. Organizing the meals and coffees dealing with my jet lag. The special knowledge of the Cape and its little nuances.  Surfing Cemetery’s with the boys was memorable along with the Top of the Lion.  Amazing man wish he fit in the suitcase. – Lekka Bru – Peter Darley Miller

Peter Miller